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Embroidered Blouse

India is land of beauty of diversity, of various cultures, art forms, designs, crafts and craftsmen. They create their own exotic art through various products, outfits and artefacts. Embroidered clothing is much cherished by all age groups, and more so by, the generation next. Youngsters love and flaunt embroidery, happily and proudly.

One such much loved piece of embroidered creation is an embroidered blouse. Be it a lovely chiffon saree, a shimmering silk saree or a pure cotton saree, a well-crafted blouse is what truly adds glory to that saree. Your personality shines all the more, if the blouse is a masterpiece in classic embroidery.

Embroidered blouses give the wearer absolute freedom to express her sense of style. She can explore and experiment with different styles, fabrics, patterns and embellishments, to enhance her look. Compared to regular blouses, the embroidered blouses look stunning on a saree. They look different and capture attention. The embroidered blouses make a style statement that sets you apart.

There are many styles of embroidery in India, including Chikankari, Phulkari, Kantha, Banjara and so on. One of the traditional tribal embroidery forms is Gor Banjara embroidery. It is done by Gormati women, with the use of bright colours, mirrors, kavris and artistic stiches such as Vel, Maki etc. Peno is renowned to take the legacy of Gor Banjara embroidery forward through various products.

The Peno Gor Banjara embroidered blouses come in an array of attractive colours. Stitched in Princess Cut, with leaf shaped neck and decorated with traditional embroidery and block print motifs on sleeves, these embroidery blouses look elegant and graceful. They go well on various types and colours of sarees. Peno Gor Banjara embroidered blouses are available in blue, sheen green, yellow, orange, off white, navy blue, maroon, pink and some more colours.