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Embroidered Necklaces

There are myriad types of necklaces but the embroidered necklaces hold their own. These necklaces make a style statement like no other. Different from typical gold, silver, diamond or precious stone necklaces, the embroidered necklaces exude sublime beauty and authenticity, and the reasons are multiple.

First and the foremost, they tell a story of an age-old heritage. Embroidery is an art form practiced by ancient tribes, creeds, communities and ethnic groups, the world over. Many types of embroideries such as Gota, Kantha, Phulkari, Zardosi, Chikankari, Banjara and many more, have won the hearts of many people. The embroidery transforms a piece of jewellery into a beautiful, artistic creation, that is not just to be owned, but cherished.

The embroidered necklace gives your look a unique dimension. The benefit of an embroidered necklace is that it can go with any attire from casual office wear to intricate wedding wear. Plus, the embroidered necklace is handmade by the artisan and has a personal touch. meaningful motifs are used. By buying and wearing such a necklace, you are appreciating and supporting the work of that artisan.

The embroidered necklace is environment-friendly and cause no harm to the environment in the process of making. This necklace can be your prized possession, to be passed to next generation with pride. The materials used in the embroidered necklace are high quality and safe. Embroidered necklaces go well with almost all colours and look stunning with them. One of the most exquisite embroidery necklaces is the Gor Banjara embroidery necklace.

Gor Banjara embroidery is the age old, world famous art form of women of Gormati tribe. Peno has given a platform to it and empowered Gormati women to showcase the embroidery. Peno embroidery necklaces are loved by women of all age groups.