Peno – The Gor Embroidery Trail

Peno expresses the free spirit of Gormati women. The community leads a systematic and logical lifestyle and adorn their rich and exquisitely embroidered costumes in their daily lives. Peno brings these traditions to everyone through this online website where you can shop this craft that’s overly attractive, beautiful, and eye-catching.

Peno is a brand that’s proudly made in India and promoted by the Central government. The craft is not just a symbol of the rich lineage but also a significant source of self-sustenance. When you shop for a Peno product, you promote their values and help these women lead independent and proud lives. All the products on the website reflect their creative skills, innate wisdom and the quest for fulfilment and self-expression.

The vicissitudes of history and the struggle for existence have not robbed them of their enchanting embroidery. Traditionally the embroidery was done on the costumes, accessories, and articles of daily use and rituals. The embellishments are replete with colourful threads, mirrors, cowrie shells, coins and beads.

The Story of Peno

Peno is the brainchild of Dr Shriram Pawar and Mrs Vijaya Pawar. A couple who has tirelessly worked towards the revival and sustenance of the Banjara embroidery. The seed for Peno was planted in Dr Pawar’s thoughts to develop a community of his own people who are highly skilled in the craft of embroidery. Their hardships of working in sugarcane factories and agricultural farms as labourers has always been an issue of major concern for him. It pains him to see the craft of their rich embroidery die a slow death as people are struggling to make their ends meet.

Thus, began the story of the brand PENO(meaning perfect balance). A balance of sustainable livelihoods, a balance of creative expressions, a balance of thought processes embodied in beautifully crafted and value-added products which will be the pathway to reach larger visibility.

Intending to provide comprehensive training to the artisans, enhance their design sensibilities, reviving the craft in its original form catering to modern markets and add as a perennial source of income for them is the primary objective of PENO. It aims at greater visibility and awareness towards the vivid, vivacious and vigorous embroidered craft.

Why Choose Peno?

  • An Indian brand

  • Made by women of the
    Gor community

  • Intricate hand embroidery

  • Beautiful colours

  • Exceptional designs

  • Unique items

  • Crafted with love